ABEND - IBM Mainframe

This command abnormally terminates a task. All main storage used or allocated by the abending task is released. In addition, a dump of the storage associated with the abending task can be obtained. The syntax of the ABEND command is given below:

syntax of the ABEND command

syntax of the ABEND command

The various available options are:

  • ABCODE (name) - Dump main storage from the terminated task, and provide a name (1-4 characters) to identify the*dump file. Do not use the letter A in the first position of the name, because it is reserved for CICS itself.
  • CANCEL - Causes all HANDLE ABEND exits that have been established to be ignored. This command causes all exits at any level to be canceled in addition to terminating the task. If the PL/1 STAE execution-time option was specified, the abnormal termination exit established by PL/1 is also revoked by this option.
  • NODUMP - Abending task does not create a dump.

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