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There are patterns of usage that will allow you to leverage DCT to its maximum potential. You can manage multiple domains from a single DCT database, ensure server profiles or check for behaviors in specific areas of the servers you're scanning.

If you manage multiple domains, you have the option of running scans out of a single DCT database, or creating a separate DCT database for each domain. If you use the latter option, when presented with the "initialize server list" screen, choose Use this server and indicate a server name—in abbreviated format—from the desired domain.

DCT is also a great tool for detecting differences between server configurations. Specify a subset of servers and/or rules, and then run the scan. Review the results to determine where differences exist then modify settings as necessary to ensure that the subsets of servers are configured and performing similarly. This mode can be tweaked by selecting rules from different subject areas—for example, agent manager, HTTP, LDAP or debug settings—and comparing the results. Following result comparison, scans should be re-run to confirm your changes.

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