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The Domino development team has identified a number of enhancements to server performance by implementing the new features available in Domino 8.5. The overall goal was to reduce load on the servers through the implementation of DAOS, compression, and transaction logging, to lower the CPU and disk I/O requirements. In addition to the new optional features, the development team enhanced the router to increase performance. The router has been optimized to include multiple threads, so mail flows through the mail box in a more efficient manner. As a result of the new design, multiple mail flow processes occur in parallel, and as a result, delays in one process do not affect other processes in mail flow.

The Domino Server Performance team has published a number of articles related to the new enhancements, on the Domino Wiki, and a series of articles on Domino performance have been posted on developer Works . The following is a sample from one of the published articles. Please refer to online resources for the most up-to-date information on performance measurements and enhancements. The Domino 8.5 performance article simulated a 4,000-user workload across six different platforms that Domino 8.5.x is supported on and compared the loads against similar Domino 8.0.x-supported environments. There were significant reductions seen across the platforms, particularly in disk operations and bytes per second.

The graph in the following diagram shows server resource reduction with Lotus Domino 8.5, with 4,000 simulated Lotus Notes users:

shows server resource reduction with Lotus Domino 8.5, with 4,000 simulated Lotus Notes users

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