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To run the DCT, you must be using a Notes or Domino Administration client version 8.0 or later. These versions and later contain the required Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for execution. Everything else that you need to set up DCT is contained in the Notes database template file—dct.ntf. The template is shipped as part of both the Domino Administration Client and Domino Server.

Setting up the DCT is equally straightforward. If you are using the Domino Administration Client, click the Server tab; you will find the Domino Configuration Tuner tree entry on the Analysis sub-tab. Clicking on this entry will automatically create dct.nsf on the client machine. You will also find a new entry similar to this in the client machine's notes.ini file, DCT_FILE_PATH=C:NotesDataDCT.nsf. All of the files required to run DCT are contained within the template, and are deployed when dct.nsf is created. A new quicktune directory structure is created under the NotesData directory on the client machine, as shown in the following screenshot:

Obtaining and setting up the DCT

When the database opens, the license is displayed on the Help/About page. If you do not want to accept the terms, close and delete the database. You will also need to delete the quicktune directory and all subdirectories, as well as the DCT.jar file, located under notesjvmlibext. To accept the terms, close the Help/About page. The deployment of the needed Java files will require that the Notes client gets restarted, as shown in the following screenshot:

client gets restarted

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