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There are many new integration features in Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3, including the following:

  • Domino Designer moves to Eclipse
  • Xpages
  • Themes in Xpages
  • Components based on Xpages
  • Composite Application Editor
  • Drag and Drop enhancements

Domino Designer moves to Eclipse

Starting with Lotus Notes 8.5, the Domino Designer is now hosted on the Eclipse platform for Lotus Notes. As a result, the Eclipse application development platform provides the same Eclipse elements that are included in the Lotus Notes and Domino client. XPages are one of the design elements available from the Applications Navigator.


The XPage Designer lets you create Web 2.0 enabled pages based on the JSF technology. Specific features of XPages include:

  • AJAX enabled
  • Fully extensible using custom controls
  • Support for web clients
  • Full support for styling using CSS
  • JavaScript scripting language support for client-side and server-side action
  • Direct access to Java libraries on the server
  • Easy page design using pre-built controls

Themes in XPages

Starting with Lotus Notes 8.5, there are themes available for XPages. These are used for server-side customization of HTML. Themes can be set globally and applied to all applications or a single application on a server.

Components based on XPages

Starting with Lotus Notes Designer 8.5.2, components based on XPages can now be developed with Domino Designer.

Composite Application Editor

Starting with Lotus Notes Designer 8.5.2, the following updates (and support elements) have been made to the Composite Application Editor:

  • Palette support for the Notes View containers
  • Managed Browser/Browser Container support
  • Notes Document Container support
  • Symphony container support
  • Host On-Demand (HOD) container support
  • Inline editing support
  • Custom action support
  • Support for adding widgets from a catalog to the component palette

Drag-and-drop enhancements

Starting with Designer 8.5.2, developers can now drag and drop from the XPages Controls and Data palettes to the Source tab of the XPages editor.

Additionally, with Lotus Notes Designer 8.5.2 (and higher) you can manage and use the following:

  • Design element filtering
  • Working sets
  • Eclipse-based HTML editor
  • Enhanced Application Icon image
  • Application Properties editor
  • Version
  • Application Signing directly in the designer

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