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Parameter Type

Keyword, optional


Use the WRITER parameter to name an external writer to process the sysout data set rather than JES. An external writer is an IBM- or installation-written program.



2.Subparameter Definition

Identifies the member name (1 to 8 alphanumeric characters) of an installation-written program in the system library that the external writer loads to write the output data set.

Do not code INTRDR or STDWTR (and for JES3, NJERDR) as the writer name. These names are reserved for JES.

If you do not code the WRITER parameter, the installation’s job entry subsystem processes the sysout data set.

The writer-name subparameter of the SYSOUT parameter on the sysout DD statement overrides the OUTPUT JCL WRITER parameter.

5.Relationship to Other Parameters
For JES3, you can code the OUTPUT JCL DEST=nodename parameter with the WRITER=name parameter; however, do not code DEST=nodename.userid with WRITER=name.

6.Starting an External Writer
When a statement supplying processing options for a sysout data set specifies an external writer, the writer must be started before it can print or punch the data set. The writer is started by a system command from the operator or in the input stream. If the writer is not started before the job produces the sysout data set, the data set is retained until the writer is started.

7.Examples of the WRITER Parameter


The second statement is a JCL command statement to start the IBM-supplied external writer. This writer is a cataloged procedure in SYS1.PROCLIB. The sysout DD statement RPT1 explicitly references OUTPUT JCL statement MYDS, which specifies that the program MYPGM is to be loaded by XWTR and process the sysout data set.

Example (for a JES3 system)

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