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Parameter Type

Keyword, optional

Do not use the TERM parameter for an SMS-managed data set (one with an assigned storage class).


Use the TERM parameter to indicate to the system that a data set is coming from or going to a terminal for a TSO/E user.

Considerations for an APPC Scheduling Environment

The TERM parameter has no function in an APPC scheduling environment. If you code TERM, the system will check it for syntax and ignore it.



2.Subparameter Definition

In a foreground job submitted by a TSO/E user, indicates that the input or output data set is coming from or going to a TSO/E userid.

In a background or batch job, the system either:

  • Ignores the TERM=TS parameter, when it appears with other parameters.
  • Fails the TERM=TS parameter with an allocation error, when the parameter appears by itself. (The system bypasses this error if SYSOUT=* is coded with TERM=TS.)

3.Relationship to Other Parameters
Do not code the following DD parameters with the TERM parameter.


Code only the DCB and SYSOUT parameters with the TERM parameter. The system ignores any other DD parameters.

4.Location in the JCL
To ensure that the system uses the desired OUTPUT JCL statement, code all referenced OUTPUT JCL statements in the input stream before the DD statement that refers to them. For example, if the referencing DD statement appears in an in-stream or cataloged procedure, the referenced OUTPUT JCL statement should precede the DD statement in the procedure.

In a foreground TSO/E job, a DD statement containing TERM=TS and a SYSOUT parameter begins an in-stream data set. When concatenating DD statements, the DD statement that contains TERM=TS must be the last DD statement in a job step.

5.Examples of the TERM Parameter



In a foreground job submitted from a TSO/E userid, this DD statement defines a data set coming from or going to the TSO/E userid.



In a background or batch job, the system ignores TERM=TS and recognizes a sysout data set. (An allocation error occurs if SYSOUT=* is not coded with TERM=TS.)



In a foreground job, the system ignores all of the parameters in this example except TERM and DCB. In a batch job, the system ignores only the TERM parameter.

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