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Use the /*SETUP statement to identify volumes that the operator should mount before the job is executed. When the job enters the system, JES2 issues a message to the operator console, asking the operator to mount the identified volumes. JES2 then places the job in hold status until the operator mounts the volumes and releases the job.

Note: Do not specify this statement for a started task; if /*SETUP is specified, JES2 fails the job.


/*SETUP serial-number[,serial-number]...

The /*SETUP statement consists of the characters /* in columns 1 and 2, SETUP in columns 3 through 7, a blank in column 10, and the volume serial number(s) starting in any column from 11 through 71. JES2 ignores columns 72 through 80.

Do not continue the /*SETUP statement; code as many /*SETUP statements as necessary.

2.Parameter Definition

Identifies by serial number the volume(s). A volume serial number is 1 through 6 alphanumeric, national ($, #, @), or special characters; enclose a serial number that contains special characters, other than hyphens, in apostrophes. If the number is shorter than 6 characters, it is padded with trailing blanks.

3.Location in the JCL
Place all /*SETUP statements after the JOB statement and before the first EXEC Statement To prevent JES2 from requesting mounting of volumes on a node other than the node of execution, the /*SETUP statement should follow any /*ROUTE XEQ or /*XEQ statement. If JES2 processes the /*SETUP statement before processing a /*ROUTE XEQ or /*XEQ statement, JES2 requests the setup on both the input and execution nodes.

4.Example of the /*SETUP Statement

/*SETUP 666321,149658

This statement requests that volumes 666321 and 149658 be mounted for the job.

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