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Beginning with z/OS V1R3, WLM compatibility mode is no longer available. Accordingly, the information below that pertains specifically to WLM compatibility mode is no longer valid. It has been left here for reference purposes, and for use on back level systems.

Use the PERFORM parameter in WLM compatibility mode to specify the performance group for the job step. The installation-defined performance groups determine the rate at which associated steps have access to the processor, storage, and channels.

In WLM goal mode, any PERFORM parameter on an EXEC statement for a job or a started procedure is ignored. However, for a TSO session, a PERFORM parameter specified on the EXEC statement of the TSO logon procedure, or entered on the TSO logon panel, can be used for classification of the session to a service class or report class.



2.Subparameter Definition

n The n is a number from 1 through 999. In WLM compatibility mode, n identifies a performance group that has been defined by your installation. The specified performance group should be appropriate for your step type according to your installation’s rules.

In WLM compatibility mode, if no PERFORM parameter is specified or if the specified PERFORM number fails validity checks, the system uses an installation default specified at initialization. If the installation did not specify a default, the system uses a built-in default:


A JOB statement PERFORM parameter applies to all steps of the job and overrides any EXEC statement PERFORM parameters. Code EXEC statement PERFORM parameters when each job step is to execute in a different performance group. The system uses an EXEC PERFORM parameter only when no PERFORM parameter is on the JOB statement and only during the job step.

5.On an EXEC Statement that Calls a Procedure
If an EXEC statement calls a cataloged or in-stream procedure, the PERFORM parameter overrides the PERFORM parameter on or is added to:

  • The EXEC statement named in the procstepname qualifier. The parameter applies only to the named procedure step. The EXEC statement can have as many PERFORM.procstepname parameters as the procedure has steps; each PERFORM parameter must specify a unique procstepname.
  • All EXEC statements in the procedure if procstepname is not coded. Then the parameter applies to all steps in the called procedure.

6.Example of the PERFORM Parameter


This job step will be run in performance group 60 if it passes validity checks. The installation must have defined the significance of this performance group.

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