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Use the /*NETACCT statement to specify an account number that is available to all the nodes in a network. JES2 uses the account number as is or translates it to local account numbers.


/*NETACCT network-account-number

The /*NETACCT statement consists of the characters /* in columns 1 and 2, NETACCT in columns 3 through 9, a blank in column 10, and the network account number starting in any column from 11 through 71. JES2 ignores columns 72 through 80.

2.Parameter Definition

Specifies the job’s accounting number. The network-account-number is 1 through 8 alphanumeric characters.

If no /*NETACCT statement is specified, JES2 uses the local account number to search a table for the network account number.

If you supply both a /*NETACCT and a local account number, JES2 uses the local account number on the input node.

5.Location in the JCL
Place the /*NETACCT statement after the JOB statement. If a job contains more than one /*NETACCT statement, JES2 uses the network account number from the last statement. JES2 ignores the /*NETACCT statement on any node other than the input node.

6.Example of the /*NETACCT Statement


JES2 transmits the network account number, NETNUM10, with the job to the destination node.

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