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Parameter Type

Keyword, optional, JES2 only


Use the INDEX parameter to set the left margin for output on a 3211 Printer with the indexing feature. The width of the print line is reduced by the INDEX parameter value.

Note: INDEX is supported only on JES2 systems and only for output printed on a 3211 with the indexing feature. JES2 ignores the INDEX parameter if the printer is not a 3211 with the indexing feature.



2.Subparameter Definition

Specifies how many print positions the left margin on the 3211 output is to be indented. nn is a decimal number from 1 through 31. n=1 indicates flush-left; n=2 through n=31 indent the print line by n-1 positions.

The default is 1, which indicates flush left. Thus, if you do not code an INDEX or LINDEX parameter, JES2 prints full-width lines.

4.Relationship to Other Parameters
INDEX and LINDEX are mutually exclusive; if you code both, JES2 uses the last one encountered. Note that you cannot index both the left and right margins.

5.Example of the INDEX Parameter


In this example, because the printed report is to be stapled, extra space is needed on the left. Assuming the data set is printed on a 3211 with the indexing feature, all lines are indented 5 print positions from the left page margin.

INTRAY parameter

Parameter Type

Keyword, optional


Use INTRAY to specify the paper source. This overrides what is specified in the FORMDEF in use.



2.Subparameter Definition

Specifies the paper source, where nnn is a number from 1 to 255. To determine what value to specify, see the documentation for your printer.

3.Relationship to Other Keywords on This Statement
If OUTBIN is specified, the paper from the INTRAY must be compatible with the output bin.

4.Example of the INTRAY Parameter


In this example, 2 is the paper source.

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