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Parameter Type

Keyword, optional


On systems with DFSMS/MVS Version 1 Release 5 or higher, and OS/390 Version 2 Release 5 or higher, you can request DFSMSdfp to convert data from/to the coded character set identifier (CCSID) specified on the JOB or EXEC statement to/from the CCSID specified on the DD statement. Data conversion issupported on access to ISO/ANSI Version 4 tapes using access methods BSAM or QSAM, but not using EXCP.

ISO/ANSI Version 4 tapes are identified by the LABEL=(,AL) or LABEL=(,AUL) keyword. The CCSID parameter does not apply to ISO/ANSI Version 1 or ISO/ANSI/FIPS Version 3 tapes or to tapes with labels other than AL or AUL

The CCSID value of 65535 has a special meaning: it suppresses conversion. When CCSID is not specified at the JOB, EXEC, or DD levels, data passed to BSAM and QSAM is converted to 7-bit ASCII when writing to ISO/ANSI version 4 tapes.

This may result in data loss on conversion. On READ operations the CCSID (if recorded) on the tape header label is used for conversion. The CCSID is recorded in the tape header label if conversion is not defaulted.


CCSID= nnnnn

2.Subparameter Definition

The CCSID as a decimal number from 1 through 65535.


The CCSID parameter specified on the JOB statement can be overridden by specifying the CCSID parameter on the EXEC statement.

5.Relationship to Other Parameters
Do not code the following parameters with the CCSID parameter:


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