Setting up Eclipse with PHP - IBM DB2

Eclipse is an open source application development tool . This tool is ready to use once you download and unzip it in a folder of your choice. There is no setup required. We advise you to make a desktop shortcut of eclipse.exe to make the launch easy. After launching Eclipse from the desktop, it takes you to the Welcome window where you can navigate the built-in help and samples. The core Eclipse tool does not come with a PHP plug-in.

You need to configure it as follows:

  1. From the Eclipse menu, select Help Software Updates Find & Install.
  2. Select Search for New Feature to install, then click Next.
  3. Click New Remote Site.
  4. In the window that appears, enter the following information and click OK:
  5. a. In the Name field, type PHP Plug-in
  6. Make sure the PHP Plug-in is checked, and then click Finish.
  7. On the next window, accept the license agreement and click Next.
  8. Click Finish.

The Eclipse Update Manager downloads and prompts you to select the component and confirm installation. Once installed, you need to restart Eclipse to be able to use PHP features. The Eclipse window below shows the tool with the PHP menu and functions. You can also switch the Eclipse window perspective to switch to another development environment, such as Java. For more information about using the Eclipse tool, see the Eclipse documentation. The major advantage of using Eclipse with the PHP plug-in is that it provides better organization of your code with color-coded text for errors and warnings. It also includes the PHP Debug environment to debug the code and a PHP browser to view the result.



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