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For dimensional data sources, online analytical processing (OLAP) data sources, and dimensionally modeled relational (DMR) data sources, you can perform a member search in IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced to find the data that you need for your report quickly.

Lynn Cope, the Advanced Business User for the Great Outdoors company, has to create a report for senior management that contains quantity, product cost, profit margin, and revenue figures for all Seeker products in their portfolio. The senior managers need this information for their meeting with the manufacturer of these products. Lynn is unsure to which product line these products belong, so she uses the Search option in IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced to find them.

To use the Search option to find meaningful information:

  1. Launch Business Insight Advanced, open the GO Sales Cube package, and then click Create New.
  2. Click Crosstab, and then click OK.
  3. On the Source tab, navigate to GO Sales Cube Measures, and then select Quantity sold, Product cost,Profit margin %, and Revenue (press Ctrl to select all members).
  4. Drag the selected items to the Columns area of the crosstab. Now, perform a search on Product dimension to find the Seeker products.
  5. Right-click the Products dimension, and click Search,

    Search option on a menu
    Search option on a menu

  6. In the Member Search window, enter the keyword Seeker. Leave the option Starts with any of these keywords selected, but click Search all descendants to include searching on all levels of the Product dimension
  7. Search options
    Search options

  8. Click Search. The new Search tab opens with the results of the search,
  9. Results of the search
    Results of the search

    You can browse the hierarchy to explore members at lower levels, or you can directly add members from theSearch tab to a report.

  10. Select all members (press Ctrl), and drag them to the Rows area. You save time with this method, because instead of inserting all of the products into a report and adding a filter, you can search quickly and insertthem from here. The end report displays.
  11. Report containing results of the search
    Report containing results of the search

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