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This section provides an introduction to the IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management portfolio of products. It gives an overview on basic functionality and features of IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Planning, and IBM Cognos Controller.

IBM Cognos TM1

Complex planning, analytics, and real-time reporting to high levels of detail with millions of items require the power of IBM Cognos TM1. The OLAP 64-bit technology of IBM Cognos TM1 meets even the most complex, multi dimensional analytics needs of large-scale operations. So, you can query data when you need to, no matter how vast the data set might be. In addition, you can view instant updates from streamed data and drill through to transaction systems for added context and, thus, greater accuracy in decision making.

IBM Cognos TM1 addresses all interrelated planning, analysis, and reporting needs with the following capabilities:

  • Exceptionally fast analytics
  • Data and user scalability
  • Data integrity
  • A multi-dimensional database and data tools
  • Workflow
  • A choice of interfaces, including Microsoft Excel, the web, and the IBM Cognos TM1
    Contributor for managed participation

IBM Cognos Planning

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting are critical financial management processes in most organizations. These processes are critical because they enable organizations to define strategic goals, to create tactical plans, and to track the progress on achieving those plans and goals.

IBM Cognos Planning provides the capabilities to create long-range strategic plans, intermediate-range budgets, and short-term or continuous forecasting. These functions exist within inter- connected models that are fed from as many planning participants as an organization needs to include in the planning process.

IBM Cognos Planning allows you to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of the planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes by providing the following capabilities:

  • Aggregation and consolidation of planning data in a centralized location
  • Scalability for large amounts of plan contributors, large and complex plan models, and large amounts of plan data
  • Increased plan accountability through visual workflow status indicators and full audit tracking capabilities
  • Powerful user features, such as Breakback (goal allocation), external data linking, data validations, commentary, versioning, and dimensional pivoting and nesting for analysis
  • Separate environments for development and production that allows continuous server uptime even when incorporating structural changes to the planning model during a planning cycle
  • Automated administration capabilities to reduce overhead and maintenance
  • Integration with IBM Cognos BI solutions for full reporting, analysis, and scorecarding capabilities
  • IBM Cognos Planning has the following major components:

  • IBM Cognos Planning Analyst
  • IBM Cognos Planning Contributor

IBM Cognos Planning Analyst

IBM Cognos Planning Analyst is a powerful business modeling tool that allows financial specialists to create models for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. These models include the drivers and content that are required for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. The models can then be distributed to managers using the web-based architecture of IBM Cognos Planning Contributor.

IBM Cognos Planning Contributor

IBM Cognos Planning Contributor streamlines data collection and workflow management. It eliminates the problems of errors, version control, and timeliness that are characteristic of a planning system solely based on spreadsheets. Users have the option to submit information simultaneously through a simple web or Microsoft Excel interface. Using an intranet or secure Internet connection, users review only what they need to review and add data where they are authorized.

IBM Cognos Controller

The ability of an organization to close its books, consolidate its accounts from all operations and partnerships, and prepare accurate and auditable financial statements is critical to maintaining credibility with existing and potential investors and financial markets. Adding to that challenge is that many times an organization has disparate financial information systems within various operating divisions and geographies. To meet these requirements and to handle new governance and financial reporting standards, organizations can rely on IBM Cognos Controller.

A key component of the IBM Cognos performance management platform, IBM Cognos Controller is a comprehensive, web-based solution that offers power and flexibility for streamlined, best-practice financial reporting and consolidation—all in one solution. With IBM Cognos Controller, finance organizations can prepare financial information and analyze and then investigate and understand it in a centralized, controlled, and compliant environment. IBM Cognos Controller supports IFRS, FASB, Basel II, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and can handle any GAAP or regulatory environment—all from a single application. It also enables individual segment reporting by customer, product, or market and generates an extensive audit trail to satisfy the needs of external and internal auditors.

IBM Cognos Controller includes the following features:

  • Web-based,fully scalable for any size organization
  • Flexible processing of modifications to corporate and account structures and group histories
  • Integrated scenario manager for simulation and modeling
  • Real-time reconciliation of internal balances in data input
  • Allocations that are automatically included in consolidation with status
  • Extensive process monitoring and control
  • Practical, automatic report book generation and distribution
  • Support for IAS, IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAPs, and other regulatory requirements
  • Standard reporting that provides information about financial performance for business
    stakeholders and managers
  • Financial and management measures and metrics for scorecards, dashboards, and analytics

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