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This provides a unified workspace for business intelligence and analytics that the entire organization can use to answer key business questions and outperform the competition. With IBM Cognos BI, users can:

  • Easily view, assemble and personalize information
  • Explore all types of information from all angles to assess the current business situation
  • Analyze facts and anticipate tactical and strategic implications by simply shifting from viewing to more advanced, predictive or what-if analysis
  • Collaborate to establish decision networks to share insights and drive toward a collective intelligence
  • Provide transparency and accountability to drive alignment and consensus
  • Communicate and coordinate tasks to engage the right people at the right time
  • Access information and take action anywhere, taking advantage of mobile devices and real-time analytics
  • Integrate and link analytics in everyday work to business workflow and process Organizations need to make the most of a workforce that is increasingly driven to multi-task, network and collaborate. IBM Cognos BI delivers analytics everyone can use to answer key business questions.

Easily view, assemble, and personalize information
It happens that business users do not know how to get to the information that they need, and available tools might not provide the freedom to combine and explore information in the way they want. IBM Cognos BI features allow business users to easily view, assemble, and personalize information to follow a train of thought and to generate a unique perspective. Using a single place to quickly see a view of their business, users can personalize content, build on the insights of others, and incorporate data from a variety of sources. These capabilities ensure that more people are engaged in providing unique insights and delivering faster business decisions. Giving business users greater self-service control reduces demands on IT and business intelligence systems.

Explore all types of information
If a separate tool is required, it is difficult to incorporate statistical results with core business reporting. IBM Cognos BI allows business users to consume fact-based statistical evidence to support key decisions directly in the IBM Cognos BI environment. The ability to explore all types of information from all angles to assess the current business situation provides a deeper understanding of the patterns that exist in data. These functions allow business users to deliver reports that include statistical insight and validation and to distribute these reports to the larger business community.

Analyze facts and anticipate tactical and strategic implications

Business users need tools that let them accurately evaluate and identify the impact that different scenarios will have on the business and on the bottom line. IBM Cognos BI allows the business user to analyze facts and anticipate strategic implications by simply shifting from viewing data to performing more advanced predictive or what-if analysis. Understanding the scenarios that affect business enables the business user to make informed recommendations to the business and provides an increased competitive advantage.

IBM Cognos BI user interfaces
IBM Cognos BI includes web-based and Windows®-based user interfaces that provide a business intelligence experience that is focused upon the needs of different users.

IBM Cognos Business Insight
With IBM Cognos Business Insight, you can create sophisticated interactive dashboards using IBM Cognos content, as well as external data sources such as TM1 Websheets and CubeViews, according to your specific information needs. You can view and open favorite dashboards and reports, manipulate the content in the dashboards, and email your dashboards. You can also use comments and activities for collaborative decision making and use social software such as IBM Lotus Connections for collaborative decision making.

IBM Cognos Report Studio
IBM Cognos Report Studio is a robust report design and authoring tool. Using IBM Cognos Report Studio, report authors can create, edit, and distribute a wide range of professional reports. They can also define corporate-standard report templates for use in IBM Cognos Query Studio and edit and modify reports created in IBM Cognos Query Studio or IBM Cognos Analysis Studio. This does not cover use of IBM Cognos Report Studio, given the depth of features that IBM Cognos Report Studio provides.

IBM Cognos Query Studio
Using IBM Cognos Query Studio, users with little or no training can quickly design, create, and save reports to meet reporting needs that are not covered by the standard, professional reports created in IBM Cognos Report Studio.

IBM Cognos Analysis Studio
With IBM Cognos Analysis Studio, users can explore and analyze data from different dimensions of their business. Users can also compare data to spot trends or anomalies in performance. IBM Cognos Analysis Studio provides access to dimensional, online analytical processing (OLAP), and dimensionally modeled relational data sources. Analyses created in IBM Cognos Analysis Studio can be opened in IBM Cognos Report Studio and used to build professional reports.

IBM Cognos Event Studio
In IBM Cognos Event Studio, you set up agents to monitor your data and perform tasks when business events or exceptional conditions occur in your data. When an event occurs, people are alerted to take action. Agents can publish details to the portal, deliver alerts by email, run and distribute reports based on events, and monitor the status of events. For example, a support call from a key customer or the cancellation of a large order might trigger an event, sending an email to the appropriate people.

IBM Cognos Metric Studio
In IBM Cognos Metric Studio, you can create and deliver a customized score carding environment for monitoring and analyzing metrics throughout your organization. Users can monitor, analyze, and report on time-critical information by using scorecards based on cross-functional metrics.

IBM Cognos Administration
IBM Cognos Administration is a central management interface that contains the administrative tasks for IBM Cognos BI. It provides easy access to the overall management of the IBM Cognos environment and is accessible through IBM Cognos Connection.

IBM Cognos Framework Manager
IBM Cognos Framework Manager is the IBM Cognos BI modeling tool for creating and managing business related metadata for use in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting. Metadata is published for use by reporting tools as a package, providing a single, integrated business view of any number of heterogeneous data sources.

OLAP cubes are designed to contain sufficient metadata for business intelligence reporting and analysis. Because cube metadata can change as a cube is developed, IBM Cognos Framework Manager models the minimum amount of information needed to connect to a cube.Cube dimensions, hierarchies, and levels are loaded at run time.

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