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IBM Cognos Mobile provides timely and convenient access to IBM Cognos BI information from a mobile device. Mobile users want to take advantage of personal mobile devices while interacting with business intelligence on the device. This function provides decision makers with access to business critical information wherever they are and whenever they need it.

In this section, we introduce supported devices and a use case for IBM Cognos Mobile.

Extended device support

IBM Cognos Mobile now supports the mobile devices that we describe in this section.

Support for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Touch

IBM Cognos Mobile now supports Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Touch devices. Users can use familiar iPhone actions to access the same business intelligence content and IBM Cognos Mobile features that are available on other devices in previous releases. In addition, users can create a list of favorites and select one dashboard or report to display automatically on the Welcome window when they start IBM Cognos Mobile.

Support for RIM BlackBerry Smartphones

IBM Cognos Mobile now supports the enhanced BlackBerry user interface for BlackBerry OS 4.2 and higher. The new user interface is easier to navigate and provides an improved overall experience when accessing IBM Cognos BI content.

Support for Symbian S60 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 devices

IBM Cognos Mobile continues support for Symbian S60 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.

Simplified experience across all devices

You can connect to, interact with, and make decisions with IBM Business Analytics on your mobile device as we describe in this section.

Support for IBM Cognos Business Insight

In addition to reports and analyses, users can have dashboards that were created in IBM Cognos Business Insight delivered to their devices.

Improved prompting

IBM Cognos Mobile offers improved prompting in the web application for the Apple iPhone. Prompting uses prompt identifiers and the surrounding text and formatting that desktop users see. Users can run prompted reports intuitively by using prompting mechanisms that suit the mobile device.

Drill up and drill down

IBM Cognos Mobile offers drill up and drill down capabilities. These features allow users to gain additional insight into the information that they are consuming. Users can see the fields within the IBM Cognos BI content on their devices on which they can drill up or drill down. After drilling up or drilling down on one or more of those fields, users can return to the original report where they began the drilling process.

Browsing improvements

IBM Cognos Mobile offers Report Thumbnails, Panning, and Zooming functions.

Zero footprint

IBM Cognos Mobile for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch is an HTML 5 web application. It enables the following functions:

  • Rapid mass deployment to enterprise mobile users
  • Faster device support to sustain the speed at which new devices enter the marketplace
  • Instantaneous software updates that occur at the server

You do not need to update mobile client software, which makes deployment transparent to users.

IBM Cognos Mobile use case

Lynn Cope is an Advanced Business User who wants to reference a sales summary report on her Apple iPhone. When you connect to IBM Cognos Mobile on the Apple iPhone, see the Welcome window opens,

IBM Cognos Mobile welcome window on Apple iPhone

IBM Cognos Mobile welcome window on Apple iPhone

Favorites tab

Favorites tab

The third tab shows recently run reports by thumbnails,

Recently run reports

Recently run reports

The Explorertab shows IBM Cognos reports (similar to using IBM Cognos Connection)

Explorer tab

Explorer tab

TheSearch tab allows you to use the search function. In this example, Lynn searches for Sales reports.

Search tab

Search tab

Text prompt

Text prompt

You can use the zooming function to show report detail

Zooming function

Zooming function

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