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IBM Cognos Planning Contributor allows you to provide users access to the system at all times, without interruption, for efficient global planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes using a transactional data store that uses the efficiency of XML-formatted data. This data store design is the most efficient for a transactional system of this nature. However, it is not designed for efficient and scalable enterprise reporting needs.

To enable organizations to design and distribute reports that use the IBM Cognos Planning Contributor planning data, a process of publishing that data into a star schema data store is required. After the data is initially published to the star schema data store, it can be refreshed incrementally to achieve near real-time reporting from the transactional planning datastore.

You can use the star schema data store as a source of data for IBM Cognos BI. As with IBM Cognos TM1 data, you can use IBM Cognos BI to report on and analyze real-time IBM Cognos Planning Contributor data. To use the data in IBM Cognos studios, you must create the IBM Cognos Planning Contributor package.

You can create an IBM Cognos Planning Contributor package in one of the following ways:

  • Using the IBM Cognos Planning Contributor administration console, you can create a package that contains all the cubes in the IBM Cognos Planning Contributor application. When you open the package in IBM Cognos studios, you are presented with metadata for all the cubes in the application and can choose from multiple cubes to create reports.
  • Using IBM Cognos Framework Manager, you can determine how many cubes to expose in a package. By default, you get one cube in each package. However, opening just one cube in each package can result in a large number of packages in IBM Cognos Connection, which sometimes can be difficult to manage.

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