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IBM Cognos Controller is delivered with an integration component, Financial Analytics Publisher, that automates the process of extracting data in near real-time from IBM Cognos Controller into IBM Cognos TM1. After the data is a source in IBM Cognos TM1, it can then be accessed as a data source for IBM Cognos BI for enterprise reporting purposes. The IBM Cognos Controller data in IBM Cognos TM1 is refreshed on a near real-time basis through an incremental publishing process from the controller transactional database.

The Financial Analytics Publisher component is added on top of IBM Cognos Controller and uses a temporary storage area before populating an IBM Cognos TM1 cube. When configured, the IBM Cognos TM1 cube is updated continuously, and you can define how often the service settings run.

From the IBM Cognos TM1 cube, the IBM Cognos Controller data can be accessed by a number of reporting tools, including IBM Cognos studios.

Figure shows the data flow from IBM Cognos Controller to IBM Cognos TM1 for enterprise reporting using IBM Cognos BI.

IBM Cognos Controller data flow

IBM Cognos Controller data flow

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