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This section introduces Dynamic Query Analyzer.

What is Dynamic Query Analyzer

Dynamic Query Analyzer provides a graphical flow representation of the dynamic query run tree. This feature allows for a better understanding when it comes to important query decisions, rather than looking through text-based log files. Modelers and professional report authors can use this tool to tune and improve the model and reports that they build.

Working with Dynamic Query Analyzer

As a prerequisite, you need to configure Dynamic Query Mode to log the run trees to a file for every query that it handles. After this setting is applied, a new folder is created in the../logs/XQE/ folder for every report that is executed using this query mode. The new folder is labeled according to the <date>_<time>_<reportname> template, shown in Example, and contains the trace files that can be interpreted with Dynamic Query Analyzer.

Query plan trace folder

The tool can open these file types either from the local file system or remotely using the HTTP protocol. In the case of a web server, create a virtual directory pointing to the ../logs/XQE folder, and amend Dynamic Query Analyzer Remote Log Access preferences You can launch the Preferences dialog box by clicking Window Preferences.

Dynamic Query Analyzer preferences
Dynamic Query Analyzer preferences

Note that in case the remote location is secured, you can also specify credentials to use for authenticating to that remote location. Other than the Remote Log Access, you can also specify IBM Cognos version 10 server and authentication information. Supplying this information enables Dynamic Query Analyzer to browse the content manager and run reports from within the tool.

By default, the Content Store view does not display. You can add this view by opening the Show View dialog box:

  1. Click Window Show View.
  2. Expand Navigation, and double-click Content Store to add the view.

Show View dialog box
Show View dialog box

A new view is added to the Dynamic Query Analyzer interface. This view is similar to the view If you entered the server information in the Preferences dialog box correctly, the view displays the packages and reports that are available in the Content Store.

Content Store view
Content Store view

Expanding reports entries that have been run with the Query execution trace enabled will display the trace entries found in logs folder Double-clicking the Runtree entry opens the trace in the same way as when using File Open log.

Query run tree

Apart from the Tree Graph view, which can be exported by clicking File Export Graph, there two more views that can be of great interest when analyzing report queues. The first view is the Graph Navigation view, shown on the left side in Figure, which displays the same run tree in another graphical tree that is easily expanded or collapsed.

Graph Navigation and Query views
Graph Navigation and Query views

The second view is the Query view, shown on the right side in Figure, which displays the data source specific query in a conveniently formatted syntax.

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