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IBM Cognos BI includes features to help you create reports that are more accessible to people with a physical disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision.

In this section, we introduce functions that you can use to enhance accessibility and the support language of IBM Cognos BI.

Enabling access for more people

When creating reports using IBM Cognos Report Studio and IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced, you can do the following activities:

  • Add alternative text for non-text objects, such as images and charts
  • Add summary text for crosstabs, lists, and tables
  • Specify whether table cells are table headers

When using IBM Cognos Business Insight or IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office, report consumers can do the following activities:

  • Navigate without a mouse using arrow keys and function keys. For example, you can move to the first item or object with the Ctrl+Home key combination. Additionally, you can open and display the contents of a drop-down list with the Alt+Down arrow key combination.
  • Use any combination of high contrast system settings and browser minimum font settings to control the display. For example, when you set the operating system to high contrast, graphic icons are replaced with text icons for easier viewing,

Text icons for high contrast

Text icons for high contrast

  • Use the Freedom Scientific JAWS screen reader. JAWS is supported only with the Mozilla FireFox browser for this release of IBM Cognos Business Insight.
  • Switch from graphs to tables and control the palette settings to meet specific accessibility needs.

IBM Cognos Business Insight is accessibility enabled. The documentation includes alternate text for all graphics so that screen readers can interpret graphics. The accessibility features, including keyboard shortcuts, are documented as well. IBM Cognos BI provides the ability to enable accessible output at many levels. Users can enable accessible output by report, or they can choose to enableaccessible output for all reports using a user preferences setting. Administratorscan control assessable output as a server-wide option, so that all reports for all IBM Cognos BI users have accessibility features enabled. Accessibility settings in the user preferences and report properties overwrite this setting.

Providing internationalization

IBM Cognos BI now expands language support for IBM Group 1 translations. The following Group 1 languages are supported in the product user interface, the search functionality, and the indexed search functionality.

  • Existing Group 1 language translations French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese
  • New Group 1 language translations Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Italian

Setting for supported language

Setting for supported language

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