Overview of CICS as a service requester IBM-CICS

When CICS is a service requester, an application program sends a request, which is passed through a pipeline to a target service provider. The response from the service provider is returned to the application program through the same pipeline. In this section we discuss how to prepare for running a CICS application as a service requester. Then we discuss how CICS processes the outbound service request.

CICS as a service requester

CICS as a service requester

When CICS is in the role of service requester, it must perform the following operations:

  1. Build a request using data provided by the application program.
  2. Send the request to the service provider.
  3. Receive a response from the service provider.
  4. Examine the response, and extract the contents that are relevant to the original application program.
  5. Return control to the application program.

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