Overview of CICS as a service provider IBM-CICS

When CICS is a service provider, essentially CICS resources are made available or “exposed” to a request from a client connection from within or external to the enterprise. The request is passed through a CICS pipeline resource to a target application program. The response from the application is then passed back through the same pipeline.

An existing COMMAREA-based application can be exposed as a service provider without any application changes.

The figuresummarizes the role of CICS as a service provider where the following operations are performed:

  1. Receive the request from the service requester.
  2. Examine the request and extract the contents that are relevant to the target application program through a pipeline.
  3. Invoke the application program, passing data extracted from the request.
  4. Construct a response (when the application program returns control) using data returned by the application program
  5. Send a response to the service requester through the same pipeline.

    CICS as a service provider

    CICS as a service provider

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