Application Development in CICS TS3.1 IBM-CICS

As previously mentioned, the full support of CICS Web services was realized in CICS TS V3.1. In this section, we list and briefly discuss the functional enhancements that are relevant to Web services. This information is of most interest to the application programmer to help them forge their way into new technologies with advanced capabilities and support for modern programming techniques.

  1. Access to CICS
    • Web services support
    • Enhanced HTTP support
    • Improved SSL support
    • Support for mixed case passwords
    • Improved user ID checks for the START API command
  2. Application transformation
    • Enhanced C/C++ support
    • Enhanced Open Transaction Environment
    • Language Environment® MAIN support for Assembler
    • Enhanced inter-program data transfer
    • Threadsafe Web API commands
    • 64 bit addressing toleration
    • Code page conversion enhancements
    • Information Centre on an Eclipse based platform

While all of these enhancements are covered in extensive detail in the CICS TS 3.1 Release Guide, those of most interest to this book are described in further detail.

  1. Access to CICS

CICS TS V3.1 includes a range of new and improved capabilities that enhance access to CICS. Standard interface and communication protocols mean that you have the facilities to exploit new technologies and re-use your CICS applications within a flexible operating environment. The potential benefits of this were discussed in section “Why use CICS Web services” and includes simplified development processes, reduced development costs, and reduced time to deployment.

CICS TS V3.1 delivers major new support for Web services, which is an evolution of the functions previously provided as the SOAP for CICS optional feature. These enhancements allow CICS-based applications to be exposed as Web services, thus enabling existing applications to be integrated within a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Next chapters develops the discussion regarding the SOA terminologies and how these relate to CICS TS and Web services.

2.Application transformation

This second group of enhancements allow existing applications to be further developed and new applications to be constructed using contemporary programming languages, constructs, and tools. Support is introduced for totally Language Environment enabled Assembler application programs. All the EXEC CICS Web API commands were made threadsafe, and there is a more efficient use of z/OS multiprocessor capabilities through enabling of the Open Transaction Environment (OTE) support to use open TCBs.

One of the significant enhancements for the application developer is the new mechanism for inter-program data transfer, using constructs called channels and containers. These provide an alternative to COMMAREAs and are not subject to the same 32 KB size restriction. This is discussed further in “Channels and containers”.

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