Transaction management functions - IBM - AS/400

CICS/400 includes a number of functions that control the running of your transactions:

  1. Task control
  2. The CICS/400 task control facility initiates transactions, controls resources at syncpoint and task end, and serializes access to resources.

  3. Program control
  4. CICS/400 uses:
    – OS/400 functions for program loading
    – CICS/400 commands for handling transfer of control between programs
    – CICS/400 commands for loading and unloading data tables and maps

    CICS/400 commands are used for condition handling in CICS/400 application programs. The source code translator adds code to translated programs to trap machine event errors.

  5. Storage management
  6. The storage management component of CICS/400 provides the support to manage system and user, shared and nonshared, main storage for both internal CICS/400 and user application requirements. User application requirements are supported by the CICS/400 API commands. Shared CICS resources are used and managed through use of shared user spaces within the control region and the OS/400 data queues.

    CICS uses two types of storage:
    – Shared storage, which is accessible across many CICS address spaces and contains common data that is needed by CICS service and user application modules.
    – Nonshared storage, which is accessible only to an individual CICS address space and contains data that is specific to that address space.

    CICS/400 routines create and manage dynamically-acquired main storage areas, track available storage within the appropriate storage environment, and ensure that storage requests are serviced. These CICS/400 routines interface with OS/400 facilities for the creation and release of temporary space objects.

  7. Interval control
  8. CICS/400 interval control is used to extract date and time information for application programs and to delay the starting of a transaction.

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