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At CICS startup you determine whether CICS internal trace is to be active, and set the size of the internal trace table. In addition, CICS auxiliary trace and user trace status are determined at startup using the trace parameters in the SIT. The trace user space objects named in the SIT are created at control region startup if they do not already exist.

Note: The size chosen for the internal trace table also determines the size of each of the auxiliary trace user space objects.

The maximum size of each CICS trace record is approximately 4KB.

Internal trace
At control region startup, CICS/400 creates an internal trace space object called QTEMP/TRACETABLE. The calculation used to determine the size of the space object is:

Number of table entries X maximum size of a CICS/400 trace entry.

Printing CICS/400 trace
The PRTCICSTRC command can be used to format and print CICS/400 trace entries recorded in the auxiliary trace objects. This command is described in detail in CICS for iSeries Problem Determination. An example trace print and use of trace is described in CICS for iSeries Problem Determinatio

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