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When you make an inquiry, you usually get a display that consists of status information for each CICS resource in the specified group. The status information is displayed as a list of abbreviated keywords. The highlighted entries on the third line of the display show the positions of the input fields and possible contents. You can move the cursor to these fields and change their contents by overtyping.
Figure . Example of a CEMT status display

Example of a CEMT status display

Table . Explanation of CEMT status display input fields

Explanation of CEMT status display input fields

When you press ENTER again, CICS reads the contents of all fields that have been changed, and processes any valid operations implied by the changes. You need to change only the first character of the field, because CEMT checks only the number of characters required to identify the request. For example, to change Ena to Dis, you need type only D. CEMT treats Dna as if Dis had been entered. For this reason, you must make sure that you type the changes in the correct input fields. For example, if you want a new copy of a program, but type N in the CEDF/NO CEDF field, CEMT will read the N as meaning NOCEDF.

If you make an incorrect change, you get an error message, and the field is not changed.

Whenever you overtype a display, not only is that particular action taken but all the status information is refreshed. You can avoid the overhead of a large number of locates either by using the CEMT SET command, or by limiting your inquiry to a specific number of CICS resources.

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