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The iSeries is an object-oriented system. This means that files, programs, user spaces, and data queues are all treated as objects on the iSeries.CICS/400 does not preclude the use of functions already present in native iSeries systems. Applications from the two systems are complementary, and can be run side by side. Applications can include both EXEC CICS and native CL commands.Where appropriate, CICS/400 relies on OS/400 functions. For example, OS/400 has built-in security mechanisms for allowing or controlling access to objects on the iSeries. CICS/400 relies on the OS/400 security mechanisms to control access to CICS-defined objects (for example, programs, files, or data queues). CICS/400 makes use of some of the facilities of OS/400 to provide a product that is familiar to OS/400 users. These are:

  1. Installation
  2. CICS/400 is an iSeries Licensed Program and is distributed on the Licensed Program media. CICS/400 is installed and operated using the standard OS/400 procedure for licensed programs. An installation verification procedure (IVP) and a sample transaction ACCT, which are included as part of CICS/400, may be run to establish that your CICS/400 system has been installed correctly.

  3. security
  4. Security CICS/400 uses the security facilities of OS/400 to provide system-level and object-level security. There is no sign on security to CICS/400; sign on security is established when the user signs on to the iSeries. OS/400 Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) support also provides LU6.2 bind-time security and user security.

  5. Work management
  6. You use the work management facilities of OS/400 to manage the control region and the shells in the same way as any other job. For example, you need to set up a subsystem description to define the CICS/400 subsystem, and job descriptions to describe the control region and each shell, which run as jobs within the subsystem. Also, each user of your CICS/400 system will require a user profile, to define what the user is allowed to do using CICS/400.

  7. File control
  8. CICS/400 uses the native OS/400 file and commitment control facilities for ensuring the integrity of data files, including record locking and rollback control. Native OS/400 file objects are opened by CICS user shells. CICS shells can share these resources and use native system services to maintain data integrity.

  9. Commitment control
  10. CICS/400 builds upon OS/400 commitment control to extend integrity and recoverability to CICS/400 resources such as temporary storage queues. By using “protected conversations” multiple CICS systems can participate to ensure integrity and recoverability across all parts of distributed CICS transactions. This protection uses two-phase commit procedures and sync-level 2 conversations.

  11. Performance
  12. Performance management for CICS/400 is provided through a combination of commands within the OS/400 licensed program and the Performance Tools for iSeries licensed program. This support provides: – Functions to collect, measure, and report system performance data at various levels of detail – Functions to assist with performance tuning, work load scheduling, application tuning, capacity planning, and iSeries system sizing – The capability to display or print data in graphic or tabular form – The capability to extract the data through DB2® Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries licensed program functions.

  13. CL commands
  14. All the CL commands that you can use to administer a CICS/400 control region are available on the CMDCICS menu. To access this menu,type GO on the command line of the iSeries Main Menu. The Go to Menu (GO) is displayed. In the Menu field, type CMDCICS and press Enter. All CICS/400 commands are displayed in alphabetical order. To use one of the commands, type either the number or the command itself on the command line and the first screen for the command is displayed.

Figure . Example CMDCICS screen

Example CMDCICS screen

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