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For this new version of CICS/400, the record format of the resource-definition tables has been updated, because of the addition of new facilities.

Upward migration
You can have a mixture of Version 5 resource definitions and previous-release resource definitions on CICS/400 Version 5 but you need to migrate the old ones before you can use them. You do this by running the INZCICS CL command, after you have installed the new version of CICS/400.

The INZCICS CL command converts the resource definition tables from all previous releases of CICS/400 to Version 5 formats. Additionally, this command will also be used to remove the unnecessary extension files in QCICSSAMP library (ACCTFI0*, ACCTIX0*, DEFCIC0*, FILEA0*, H0*, QCLSRC0*, QCSRC0*, QDDSSR0*, QLBLSR0*, QMAPSR0*, QCMDSR0*).

CL command defaults
The defaults given in the CL command description are those that are supplied with the iSeries system. You should check that your installation has not made any changes to these command default parameters.



  • Function
  • The Initialize CICS (INZCICS) command causes the specified library on the system to be scanned to locate resource-definition tables from previous releases of CICS/400. Any tables found in the selected library are then converted to the current release of CICS/400.

  • Required parameters
  • LIB
    Enter the name of the OS/400 library that contains the tables to be converted. Possible values are:
    *ALL: All OS/400 libraries are searched for tables that need to be converted. This may take several hours.
    library-name:Specify the name of the OS/400 library that contains the tables.

Downward migration
You cannot use resource definitions created on CICS/400 Version 5 on previous releases except by using one of the following migration techniques:

  • The SAVCICSGRP command
  • Maintain resource definition CL commands as source files. You can compile them either before distribution by specifying the previous release on the CRTCLPGM command, or after distribution on each system.

You can migrate downwards from CICS/400 V5R2 to the previous release only. For V5R2, the previous release is considered to be V5R1.

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