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To verify the successful installation of CICS/400, a sample application is provided.This application also gives users who are new to the CICS application programming interface (API) an opportunity to see what a CICS program looks like. The sample application is designed to provide online inquiry and maintenance facilities for a customer credit file in a department store. The application uses files, displays, terminals, and printers.

To work through the installation verification procedure (IVP),you require sufficient OS/400 security authority. The user profile must have *PGMR equivalent authority or higher.

Note: If your primary national language is not 2924 (US English), and you do not have CICS available in your primary language,the OS/400 objects for CICS national language support, for example commands and help text, will be placed in library QSYS2924. You must place this library in your system library list, to make sure that CICS functions properly.

Installing the sample code from tape
The source code for this application is supplied on the CICS/400 distribution tape. It can be installed using the Licensed Program installation support on the OS/400.

Library QCICSSAMP contains the following source code for this sample:

  1. The application source code, which may be found in the following members of the file QLBLSRC:
  2. ACCT00 Display menu
    ACCT01 Initial request processing
    ACCT02 Update processing
    ACCT03 Requests for printing
    ACCT04 Error processing
    ACCTREC Layout of account record
    ACIXREC Layout of index record
  3. The CICS BMS map source ACCTSET, which is a member in the file QMAPSRC.
  4. File QCLSRC, which provides a sample CL program, ACCTRES, for CICS/400 resource definition.
  5. File QDDSSRC contains OS/400 DDS definitions for the following two files:
  6. ACCTFIL The sample key-sequenced data set
    ACCTIX The sample alternate index

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