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CICS/400 is installed using the OS/400 licensed-programs installation support, which is described in Software Installation., Part 6,Installing Additional Licensed Programs in that book describes the installation process in two tasks, of which you need complete only the first. You should follow the steps described and install CICS/400 and also the CICS/400 Sample Applications.

Installing the CICS/400 licensed program will give you access to a library called QCICS. The library contains the CICS code and all the supplied COBOL copybooks and C header files that you will need to use CICS/400. All the CL commands for CICS/400 are copied from library QCICS to your QSYS library, as part of the installation process. You can find what these commands are using the CMDCICS MENU.

Note that if you already have a CICS/400 Version 5 system but wish to re-install, you should first end all the control regions in the existing system.

Installing the CICS/400 Sample Applications will give you access to a library called QCICSSAMP, which contains:

  • A COBOL sample application, used for the IVP
  • A C sample application
  • The DEFCICSRGN sample

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