How autoinstall terminal identifiers are generated - IBM - AS/400

CICS/400 offers two ways of generating autoinstall terminal resource definitions. If, when the user attempts to log on at the terminal, no TCT definition is found for the terminal, one of the following may happen:

  • If an AEGTCACP PPT entry is not defined to the control region, CICS/400 uses the masking facilities defined in the SIT to generate a terminal identifier.
  • If an AEGTCACP PPT entry is properly defined to the control region, CICS/400 first uses the masking facilities to generate a potential terminal identifier.CICS/400 then calls the autoinstall control program referenced by the AEGTCACP PPT entry. Assuming a successful return from the autoinstall control program, CICS/400 uses the terminal identifier returned from thatprogram.

The use of an autoinstall control program is optional; by default, masking is used to autoinstall terminals. If you wish to use an autoinstall control program, you must supply an AEGTCACP PPT entry for it.

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