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You use the CEMT DISCARD command to remove certain resources from the control region. These resources are not deleted, and will be available again when the control region is restarted.



The CEMT DISCARD command allows you to remove an installed CICS resource definition from the CICS control region for the duration of the session. DISCARD does not affect the CICS resource definition on the OS/400, and therefore the CICS resource can be reinstated using the CEDA INSTALL command or the OS/400 INSCICSTBL CL command. CEMT DISCARD commands have the same security attached to them as CEMT SET commands. You cannot discard CICS resources that are currently in use, or that are CICS owned resources (beginning with “AEG” or “C”).
Note: You can use the CEMT INQ command to display a list of resources, from which you can then discard selected resources. A CEMT INQ display can be used to discard more than one entry at a time, but you cannot use it to disable and discard at the same time.

The name (1–4 characters) of the CICS autoinstalled terminal model as specified by the CICSDEV parameter of the TCT.
The name of the CICS file as specified by the FILEID parameter of the FCT.
The name of the CICS program or map set as specified by the PGMID parameter of the PPT.
The name of the CICS transaction as specified by the TRANSID parameter of the PCT.


  1. You cannot discard a CICS program if there is an installed CICS transaction definition that refers to it. The CICS transaction must be discarded first, then the CICS program.
  2. You cannot discard a CICS remote file.
  3. When you discard a CICS resource, you cannot use * or + in the CICS resource name.

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