Adoptive authority - IBM - AS/400

Adoptive authority indicates whether or not a program should run under the authority of the user (*USER) or the authority of the owner(*OWNER).

The CRTCICSCBL and CRTCICSC CL commands do not support adoptive authority directly. All programs created with these commands have the *USER authority by default. To run CICS/400 application programs that include, for example, high-security system programming commands, and for which you require high authority, you can create a CL program (using a high-authority user profile) to call the CICS/400 application program, using the CRTCLPGM CL command, with the User profile (USRPRF) parameter set to *OWNER. The CL program runs under the higher-level *OWNER authority, as does the CICS/400 application program that it calls. Because the CL program has not ended, the CICS/400 program is running, in effect, under adoptive security.

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