IBM - AS/400 Tutorial

IBM - AS/400 Tutorial

What is IBM - AS/400 tutorial?

AS/400 is a computational platform developed by IBM in 1988. It is also referred as System i5 and the term AS/400 is popular and widely used. The operating system of OS/400 includes database managers to compilers, editors, etc. AS/400 supports different programming languages like Java, C, SQL, Assembly, COBOL, PHP, etc.


This tutorial is useful for beginners and experienced programmers who wish to get in-depth knowledge about AS/400. It can be more useful for Java, PHP, SQL and C programmers to learn in detail.


To learn this tutorial one must be aware of basic programming knowledge and basic database knowledge (relational model, SQL). Should have access to an AS/400 server and an access terminal to the AS/400 server (in this tutorial the examples are given using Moshasoft).

IBM - AS/400 Tutorial: List of Topics

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