HTTP Tutorial

HTTP Tutorial

What is HTTP?

The Hypertext switch Protocol (HTTP) is an application-degree protocol for disbursed, collaborative, hypermedia statistics structures. This is the inspiration for records communication for the worldwide internet (i.e. net) since 1990. HTTP is a common and stateless protocol which may be used for different functions as nicely the usage of extensions of its request strategies, errors codes, and headers.

This academic is based totally on RFC-2616 specification, which defines the protocol known as HTTP/1.1. HTTP/1.1 is a revision of the unique HTTP (HTTP/1.0). a first-rate difference between HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 is that HTTP/1.0 makes use of a brand new connection for each request/response change, where as HTTP/1.1 connection can be used for one or greater request/response exchanges.


This tutorial has been prepared for laptop technology graduates and web builders to assist them recognize the primary to superior level concepts associated with Hypertext switch Protocol (HTTP).


Earlier than intending with this educational, it is right to have a fundamental know-how of net concepts, web browsers, net servers, patron and server architecture primarily based software program.

HTTP Tutorial: List of Topics

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