Testing with a Variety of Browsers - HTML

Despite being built on standards, no two browsers support HTML and CSS to the same degree. Some browsers don’t implement certain features while others implement them, well, differently.

Note:Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is no worse than other browsers regarding supporting standards. Even though Microsoft has created many proprietary technologies for its browser, it does a fair job of supporting the actual standards.

When coding your documents it is important to understand your expected audience and what browsers they may be using. Although Microsoft Internet Explorer has market share on its side, many people use other browsers, such as Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, Safari, and so forth. As such, it is doubtful that everyone will be able to view your documents the way you originally intended, especially if you use some of the more esoteric features and technologies.

Make sure you test your pages on all target platforms to ensure that no show-stopping errors exist on any of the platforms. At a bare minimum, you should test on a current Microsoft (Internet Explorer) browser and a Netscape/Mozilla browser because most browsers incorporate one of these two technology bases.

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