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Most of us are aware of the copyright infringement issues that can accompany copying and/or distributing MP3 files. You can include sound the same way you include video, but do be careful of copyright infringement. It may not seem obvious that copying music is copyright infringement, but there is absolutely no legal haze regarding copying and distributing content. You can’t do it without permission without expecting a lawsuit. In addition to MP3, there are four additional fairly common sound formats:

  • Musical instrument digital interface (MIDI, pronounced “middy”) is basically synthesized music. If you’ve ever seen those electric pianos in the store, or, better yet, you have one, you have seen a device that can generate a MIDI file. The advantage is that the files are small. The disadvantage is that if the individual making the music isn’t skilled, the result will be poor.
  • AU is a fairly low-quality but small file size sound format most often found in Java applets.
  • Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) is a Macintosh-based format that is now found on other platforms as well.
  • WAV is a Windows-based sound format of reasonably high quality.

Needless to say, MP3 has surpassed these other formats by a wide margin in popularity. You can also include background sound to an Internet Explorer page using the bgsound element:

<bgsoundsrc=“bigsound s.wav”>

Or, in Netscape, you can use the embed element:

<embedsrc=“bigsound s.wav” autostart=“true”>

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