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One tried and true method is to make sure your site gets linked to by other sites. Naturally, the bigger the linking site, the better your results. When the Web was in its formative years, one of the best ways to grow a site was to get included in a “cool links” site. This same general concept still works, although such “cool links” sites now are usually more segmented because of the information glut on the Web. Although it takes a bit of effort, link building is still an important way to build awareness of your site. Acquiring a stable of sites that link to yours will also dramatically improve your page rankings in search engines such as Google.

Using link exchanges
One of the oldest methods for soliciting links is to exchange them with other Web sites. This usually takes the form of an informal arrangement between two Webmasters that is initiated when one says to another, “I’ll link to your site if you’ll link to mine,” or simply, “Do you mind if I link to your site?” In the case of the latter, the hope upon asking a question like that is that the link will be reciprocated.

You can also use the services of banner exchange programs. These are link exchanges that allow you to place a banner ad on a network of sites. In exchange, you place a banner on your own site displaying the banner ad of sites that are members of the link exchange. The banner ads from these other sites are randomly generated as far as you’re concerned—you won’t know when or what site is going to be advertised on your site, so you have to accommodate that fact in your design. Most link exchange programs require that the banner be visible on the screen without a scroll down by the user.

Some newsgroups are geared specifically for announcing new Web sites, and others are dedicated to topics that may be of interest to viewers of your site. You need to be extremely sensitive to newsgroup policies if you use a newsgroup to announce your site, and be sure to check out the following:

  1. Carefully scour the newsgroup to see what types of posts are acceptable.
  2. Seek out the group’s FAQ or any other document that describes the group’s policy on announcements and/or advertising.
  3. Include ANNC: or ADV: in your subject header, before anything else.
  4. Keep the message very short. Be sure not to post advertisements to any group unless such posts are specifically allowed by that group.

Caution:Don’t, under any circumstances, post the same message to multiple groups. This is called spamming, and even if you don’t have a problem with this kind of activity personally, your ISP does. If they find out you’re doing it, they will probably terminate your account.

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