Project Management Basics - HTML

One of the key ingredients in site development is project scoping. When you scope a project, you determine how much time your team requires to build it. Often, large sites have been cobbled together over time, and engineering teams need to strategize not only on how to make additions to a site, but how to reverse engineer existing code, especially if the site is complex.

Determining project resources is the first step you’ll take in managing a Web site project. From a planning perspective, some fundamental questions need to be asked.

  • What are your site’s goals and objectives?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • How will you speak to your audience?
  • How will you structure your site?
  • What will your site look like from a design standpoint?
  • Who will handle site maintenance, and how?
  • What is the plan for managing security policy?

Answering these questions should be a minimal first step before you begin to plan the rest of your site. You’ll find that the answers to these questions will yield fundamental answers in other areas, including questions relating to functional design as well as graphic design.

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