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Posting content to your blog is usually as easy as typing an article into the blogging application you are using. In the case of Radio Userland, you use their application; Movable Type uses Web based forms; and Blosxom uses any text editor. Blog content varies from blog to blog and article to article, but content generally falls into one of the following categories:

  • Generalized, original content
  • Response to another online article or item
  • Aggregation of information from elsewhere

In most cases, your content will contain a link to other content online or even text from the content. For example, the following is typical of a blog entry:

In his Things I Hate column, Joe User makes the following observation:
“This would be text from the column referenced above . . . ”

My feelings on this matter . . . (response to above citation here) In this example the text “Things I Hate” would be a link to the article being cited. The verbatim text is set off in quotes or uses a distinct convention to identify the text as a quote, not the citing author’s work. The text then continues with the current author’s text, adding to the cited article, offering a retort, or whatever.

Tip Although quoting others is a huge part of the whole blog scene, it is still very important to clearly delimit and credit other people’s text. In most cases, you will want to indent the text, set it off in quotes or a special font, and make sure to include a link to the original.

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