Parts of an HTML Table - HTML

An HTML table is made up of the following parts:

  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Header cells
  • Body cells
  • Caption
  • Header row(s)
  • Body row(s)
  • Footer row(s)

Figure shows an example of an HTML table with the various parts labeled.
The table shown in Figure 10-1 is defined by the following code:

HTML table elements.

HTML table elements.
Many parts of the HTML table are optional—you only need to delimit the table (with <table> tags) and define rows (via <tr> tags) and columns (via <td> tags). Such a minimum table would resemble the following:

Tip: It is possible to nest tables within one another. In fact, a particularly popular HTML technique—using tables for layout (covered in the next chapter)— depends on this ability. Tables must be nested within table cells (<td> tags). See the Cells section later in this chapter for more information on the <td> tag.

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