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Submitting your URL to search engines has been a popular way to increase search engine optimization for about as long as the Web has been in existence. You can use submission agents to submit your sites to search engines, or you can do it yourself. Search engines index sites according to different criteria, so do your homework about each service before submitting your URL to the various search engines if you’re doing it yourself. You can usually find a submission agent such as to do it for you for as little as $50 (U.S.). Submission agents generally take the form of Web interfaces that ask you to fill out some comprehensive forms that help describe the following about your Web site:

  • The name of your site
  • The URL of your site
  • The title of your home page
  • Your Web site’s focus
  • Your audience demographics

Then, they’ll walk you through a series of potential sites to which you could submit your page based on the criteria you’ve selected. This is a fast way for submitting to as many as 100 search engines without requiring a visit to each one, although the submission process is still somewhat lengthy because once your “global” form is filled out, some sites will demand more information. You can expect to take between one to two hours submitting your site this way.

Some search engines, including Yahoo, charge a fee for submitting URLs to their directories, but keep in mind that results from the Yahoo directory are not the same as results from the Yahoo search engine, which is driven by Google. Yahoo maintains its own, separate, human-edited directory of sites. To be included in that directory, you must pay a fee and submit your URL to Yahoo.If you submit your site to a large number of individual search engines yourself, get help. You can get a good overview on how to submit to individual. This Web site lists the major search directories, and how to submit to them. You can also submit your site specifically to Google to facilitate that search engine’s crawler, which is robot software that crawls the Web hunting for sites to include in the Google search database.

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