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You can also do a number of things to facilitate search engine access when you design your Web site, and these things are possibly even more important than going through the trouble of submitting your sites to search engines. In fact, the whole concept of facilitating search engine access is an art called search engine optimization, and, if successfully deployed, can significantly enhance your page rankings in search engines such as Google and Overture.

Getting links from other sites
In the section Soliciting Links, you saw that there are ways to get links from other sources without spending a lot of money. The best reason for getting those links is that many search engines crawl the Web for links and tally up the results. If your site has many other sites pointing to it, this will enhance your page ranking in search engines. If you aren’t having any luck getting other sites to link to you, consider building the best set of links you can find on the Web in your subject area. You’ll be surprised how quickly other sites begin to link to yours, and a chain of events will occur that may lead you to a very high page ranking within just a couple of months.

Encouraging bookmarks
If you make a note on your page reminding visitors to bookmark your site if they like it, some of them actually will; and, eventually, some of them will add your link to their site. Over time, this kind of activity can result in a number of your links appearing on the Web, because people like to share links. Even Joe Schmoe’s personal Web site can help your site if he includes links to your site, because search engines pay attention to who is linking to your site, so the more sites that do, the better.

Keeping your site current
If your site’s content is not fresh, it’s stale, and nobody likes stale content. Even if you have built a fantastic Web site full of beautiful design elements and intriguing content, users will eventually stop visiting if you don’t keep the content fresh. The more compelling and timely your content is, the more often people will return and link to your site, thus improving page ranking with search engines.

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