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There are two additional types of spaces and dashes, en and em spaces and dashes. The characters got their name from their relative size—en characters are as wide as a capital N, while em characters are as wide as a capital M. These characters have specific uses in the English language:

En spaces are used when you need a larger space than a normal space provides. For example, en spaces can be used between street numbers and street names (123 Main) for clarity.

  • Em spaces are used to separate elements such as dates and headlines, figure numbers and captions, and so on.
  • En dashes are used instead of hyphens in constructs such as phone numbers element numbering, and so on.
  • Em dashes are used grammatically when you need to divide thoughts in a sentence. (The excuse was nonsense—at least that’s how it seemed to me)

En and Em Entities

En and Em Entities

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