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Copyright and trademark symbols are special symbols that indicate a legal relationship between individuals (or companies) and text. The Copyright symbol ( c_) is used to indicate that omeone has asserted certain rights on written material—text included with the symbol usually indicates which rights. For example, many written works include the following phrase as a copyright:

“Copyright c_ 2003. All rights reserved.” The trademark and registered marks (™and ®) are used to indicate that a particular word or phrase is trademarked—that is, marked (trademarked) or registered for unique use by an individual or company. For example, “Windows” is a registered trademark of Microsoft, and “For Dummies” is a registered trademark of Wiley.

Note : Trademark and registered trademark symbols are typically superscripted after the word or phrase to which they apply. As such, you should generally use each within superscripted (<sup>) tags. Table lists the entities for Copyright, trademark, and registered symbols.

Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Entities

Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Entities
Note that there are fonts that include the trademark symbol (™). However, because the symbol is actually two characters, it is included as an exception, not a rule. As such, you shouldn’t rely upon an entity to display the symbol, but specific small and superscript font coding such as the following:


Note:Use of styles is generally preferred over the use of the <small> tag.

Currency Symbols
There are many currency symbols, including the U.S. dollar ($), the English pound (£), the European euro (€), and the Japanese yen (¥). There is also the general currency symbol (¤). Table lists many of the most common currency symbols.

Currency Entities

Currency Entities

Note that the dollar symbol ($) is typically ASCII character 24 (in U.S. fonts) and can be accessed directly from the keyboard.

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