Challenges of Developing Large-Scale Web Sites - HTML

Many large-scale Web sites are not built from the ground up. Those that are had a plan. Those that didn’t, which may very well be most of them (although there is certainly no empirical evidence for basing such a claim), now circulate many plans around to manage site updates and feature additions. Whether you’re starting a brand new site, adding a feature to a large existing site, or are a one-person operation handling all the development tasks yourself, you need to create a general attack plan based on the following steps:

  1. Establish your priorities through goal and audience definition.
  2. Generate a requirements analysis.
  3. Produce engineering documents that meet the requirements and establish a flow for the site, or a portion of the site, to follow.
  4. Choose a design theme.
  5. Establish a plan for constructing the site.
  6. Test and evaluate the site.
  7. Market the site and track the site’s usage.
  8. Determine short and long-term strategies for maintaining your site.
  9. Create a matrix indicating your project’s progress.

These tasks are especially important when you’re involved with development on very large Web sites, which will have had a lot of hands involved in development over the years. Chances are good that many of the people who belong to those hands are no longer working on the site.

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