Testing Your Table - HTML 4

Testing is the final step before your table goes live. You must test your tables in all the popular browsers — including Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera. If you don’t, your users might have to squint at your pages, or they might see your tables as one big mess.

As you’re creating your table, have your browser window open at the same time. Each time you change the width of a cell or add an item to a cell, save the document and view it in the browser window. That way, when you test your table, you probably won’t have too much tweaking to do.

A challenge for many designers is to create table designs that work in every browser. Thanks to many crusaders of standards, the newest versions of the most popular browsers, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera, all support the HTML standard. If your audience isn’t technically savvy, consider older browsers when designing your tables.

Always test your site in any browser that your users might have. For example, if your table is aligned with align=”center” but in an old version of Internet Explorer the table remains flush with the left side, you might have to add a <center> tag pair to your table. However, you won’t have too many problems with tables if you stick to the standard.

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