Presentation Issues to Consider - HTML 4

When you create your listings, remember that a variety of users will view your page using different browsers and operating systems. With that in mind, the following are some helpful tips for creating your listing:

  1. Design your page so it works with as many browsers as possible. Any Web browser may view your listing. (For example, you can’t assume that your buyers have a browser capable of properly rendering CSS.)
  2. Use an appropriate font size. The font size that you use should be large enough to be legible at a variety of screen resolutions. Standard font sizes such as a 10- to 12-point font are good examples. Some buyers won’t bother to read your item description if it is in a tiny font size. At the same time, don’t make the font size too large. Large fonts can make your auction item page look amateurish.
  3. Don’t use huge type that requires users to scroll the page a lot. For example, four headings that are all in a 48-point font would be way too much.
  4. Use backgrounds that don’t distract your users from the text and images on the Web site.
    • People who are colorblind might have problems reading them.
    • Colored backgrounds can make your page hard to read when printed on a monochrome printer.(Many users print auctions for inventory records.)
    • They can make your page look amateurish.
  5. Avoid colored or patterned backgrounds because

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