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A broken link on your site can be embarrassing. To spare your users the dreaded 404 Object Not Found error message, use a link checker to make sure your links are

  • Correctly formatted before you publish
  • Live on the Web after you publish

Other Web sites may change or disappear after you publish your site. Regularly check your site’s links to make sure they still work. The worst broken link points to a page on your own site.

Many HTML editors and Web servers include built-in local link checkers, and they may even scour the Web to check external links.

Web Link Validator: The champ
Web Link Validator 3.5 is a professional-strength tool at an affordable price ($27). We recommend it because it handles many kinds of links and reports clearly and concisely on their condition. You can find Web Link Validator all over the Web.

Both of the following programs are pretty good link checkers, They need a little elbow grease to learn and to use, but the price is right: free.

1. W3C Link Checker
This is a utility created by volunteers for the World Wide Web Consortium. You can either

    You have a couple of download options:
  • Grab a compiled version for your computer and operating system and run it as-is.
  • Grab the source code and tweak it for your needs and situation.

2. MOMspider
Roy Fielding’s MOMspider is a sentimental favorite. It was one of the first link checkers for Web folks. It runs on any machine that can compile Perl (every machine we know of), and it has lots of options to do the heavy lifting.

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